Key Features

Sharing Studies

Simply provide a link for patients, doctors, and anyone you want to share studies. They can access it from anywhere via the internet.
No need to burn CDs/DVDs and send them back and forth anymore.

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Viewing Control

You can preset and control the studies to be viewed. For example, a study uploaded
1) as a specific institution,
2) by a specific modality and
3) of a specific body part.

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Permission Control

You can set permissions for the use of features and access to pages. And you can prevent data tampering or leakage by restricting the use of editing, deleting, exporting, etc. of studies.

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You can set up auto-delete of studies so that your storage space stays within your subscription plan and options.
This feature allows you to automate the work of deleting unnecessary data, and you do not have to worry about the remaining storage space all the time.

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Multiple monitors allow for efficient and effective use of your workspace. Window opening position and size can be set in pixel units.

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Personalized Settings

Each user can make detailed settings to meet his or her own needs and pursue the best usability. No matter which device you log in on, you can work as efficiently as always, with your usual ease of use.

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Basic Features