Sharing Studies

Simply provide a link for patients, doctors, and anyone you want to share studies.
They can access it from anywhere via the internet.
No need to burn CDs/DVDs and send them back and forth anymore.

Share to guest users

Guest users without SonicDICOM accounts, such as patients, can view the shared studies by simply accessing the URL.
Once you have selected the studies/patients you want to share and clicked "Share" button, a URL/QR code for sharing will be generated.
All you need is to give the URL or QR code to the person you want to share it. You don't need CDs/DVDs anymore.
Even if a guest user accesses SonicDICOM for the first time, there is no need to lecture them on how to use it, as the UI is designed to be simple and intuitive.

Customize the toolbar items for guest users

PACS administrators can hide the features on the toolbar that they do not want guest users to use or see, through Admin Settings.
In addition, the features that are frequently used by guest users can be placed in easy-to-use positions on the toolbar.

Share to SonicDICOM users

SonicDICOM users can view the shared studies by simply logging in to PACS.
This is useful if the users are under the viewing control and they can view only studies that meet certain criteria.
Once the users log in to the PACS, they can view the shared studies that are originally controlled not to be viewed.

It is not only one study that can be shared.
You can also choose to share all of the studies of the patient, or only the studies of the patient's specific modality.

You can set the expiration date for each study you share.
After the expiration date, the shared studies will no longer be available for viewing even if the users access the URL or QR code.

You can change the expiration date, and whom you share with, or can stop sharing even after the studies have already been shared.
And the expiration date can be set with no limitation to the length of days.

Difference between "Sharing" and "Viewing Control"

Share feature allows you to manually select the study to share, and whom you want to share it with.
If you share to guest users, be sure to use this feature.
If you share to users with SonicDICOM accounts, who are under the viewing control, it allows them to access the studies that are normally restricted to view.

On the other hand, the Viewing Control feature allows you to automatically control which studies the users can view according to predefined rules.
For example, you can automatically allow the studies of a specific modality to be viewed by only a specific account.
If you have already decided which users have access to which type of studies, we recommend using this feature.