Permission Control

You can set permissions for the use of features and access to pages.
And you can prevent data tampering or leakage by restricting the use of editing, deleting, exporting, etc. of studies.

Overview of Permission Control

User Accounts have a tree structure: Institution > Role > Account.
Permission Control can be set on each role basis.
This allows each account to perform only the permitted operations set for each role to which it belongs.
Permissions can be set for the use of the features, such as Import and Export, and for the access to List, Viewer, Report and other pages.
With this feature, the followings can be achieved:

- Prevent data tampering by restricting the use of Edit and Delete features for the studies
- Prevent data leaks and spills by restricting the use of Export and Share features for the studies
- Allow only specified accounts to execute Admin Settings
- Have accounts that only import images, not view them