Viewing Control

You can preset and control the studies to be viewed.
For example, a study uploaded
1) as a specific institution,
2) by a specific modality and
3) of a specific body part.

Viewing Control

By default, all accounts can access all studies.
Viewing Control feature allows specific accounts to view only studies that match predefined criteria.

User Accounts have a tree structure: Institution > Role > Account.
Viewing control can be set on each Institution or Role basis.
This allows each account to view only those studies that meet the criteria set for each institution or role to which it belongs.
The criteria that can be set are as follows:

- The institution to which the role and account belong
- Institution Name (0008, 0080)
- Modality (0008, 0060)
- Body Part Examined (0018, 0015)
- AE Title (0008, 0054)

For example, an account can only be able to view studies uploaded by the institution to which it belongs.
In addition, an account belonging to a specific role at that institution can be allowed to view only studies for a specific modality or body part.
It also allows multiple institutions to use one single PACS, and that helps to achieve flexible and easier viewing/sharing studies as needed.

Difference between "Viewing Control" and "Sharing"

The viewing control feature allows you to automatically control which studies the users can view according to predefined rules.
For example, you can automatically allow the studies of a specific modality to be viewed by only a specific account.
If you have already decided which users have access to which type of studies, we recommend using this feature.

On the other hand, Share feature allows you to manually select the study to share, and whom you want to share it with.
If you share to guest users, be sure to use this feature.
If you share to users with SonicDICOM accounts, who are under the viewing control, it allows them to access the studies that are normally restricted to view.