You can set up auto-delete of studies so that your storage space stays within your subscription plan and options.
This feature allows you to automate the work of deleting unnecessary data, and you do not have to worry about the remaining storage space all the time.

Overview of Auto-Delete feature

This feature releases you from manually deleting studies and worrying about remaining storage space, and allows you to stay within your budget and storage space.
The following conditions are available to execute auto-delete: "amount of data," "number of passed days" and "number of studies”.
Multiple conditions can be combined.

If you use PACS for data sharing purposes, it is recommended to set the auto-delete to be executed when the data capacity exceeds a certain amount.
This will always keep the storage space below a certain level.

By default, auto-deleted data is moved to the recycle bin and stored for a certain period of days. It allows you to restore auto-deleted data.
It is also possible to completely delete the data immediately after the auto-delete is executed. In this case, data cannot be restored.
The Recycle Bin settings also allow you to specify the number of days until it is completely deleted.