Distributor Program

Interested in becoming a SonicDICOM partner?
You can grow your business with a partnership with us.

The benefits for SonicDICOM distributors

Our distributors receive benefits that help them build and drive their business, including:

  • Receive the special discounted price for our products.
  • Sell our products to their customers in their local currency and payment methods.
  • Use a demonstration license for free.
  • Receive high priority support.
  • Receive inquiries from customers forwarded by SonicDICOM so that they can get opportunities.
  • Have the Distributor Certification.

How to become a distributor

We would love to hear from you regarding your interest in joining our partnership.
Please download the application form and complete and send it to sonic@sonicdicom.com with all required information filled out.
We will contact you by email to provide further detail about the distributor program.
You can see the Distributor Agreement here.


Most Popular FAQs

You will be qualified to sell SonicDICOM products in your country/region by joining our Distributor Program. For details, please refer to Overview of Distributor Program.

Free Trial has limits on the number of Web/DICOM connections and the number of studies that can be stored. A demonstration license allows distributors to set these to any number they need. With this license, distributors can provide a demonstration, enabling their customers to try PACS in their actual environment. After providing a demonstration, it is required to report the result and the customer’s comments on a feedback form.

No, we SonicDICOM team do not communicate directly with end-users. The first level support for end-user customers is provided by the distributor. On the other hand, SonicDICOM Team will provide technical support as needed.

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