Easy to install PACS

SonicDICOM PACS 2.3.2 is now available. Experience how simple it is with our free trial edition.

Highlight Features

SonicDICOM is PACS software that combines the capabilities of DICOM Server with web browser based DICOM Viewer.

Easy to get started

Experience how simple it is with our free trial edition. Just follow the wizard and the PACS setup will be complete.

Easy Access

By simply logging in from a web browser, you can browse images from any PC on the network.

Fast Browsing

Web-Based DICOM Viewer exerts a performance as same as desktop applications.

Unlimited Clients

Licensing fees are not required for each terminal. SonicDICOM PACS can be used by an unlimited number of clients.

Necessary Tools

It provides necessary and basic tools, which are focused on easy to use and a performance.

Simple Integration

It can be seamlessly integrated with EMR, HIS and RIS via URL and with thirdparty's DICOM Viewer via DICOM communication.

Exchanging Images

Import, export, sending images to other DICOM Server, and all operations can be done only on a web browser.

Free CD/DVD DICOM Viewer

SonicDICOM Media Viewer, which is attachable when exporting images, is a stand-alone type Web-Based DICOM Viewer.

Most Popular FAQs

Get answers to your questions here.

What is the price?

We propose a price according to various situations.
So, please let us know your information below by using Contact Form.

  • Company / Organization Name
  • Company / Organization Full Address
  • Company / Organization Main Phone Number
  • Company / Organization Website (if available)
  • Required number of Accounts
  • Required number of Licenses
  • Purpose of Using SonicDICOM (short description about SonicDICOM would be used how, where, and what for)

If you would like to purchase SonicDICOM through our reseller, please tell it to us as well.
Purchasing through our reseller will enable you to receive various types of support.
JIUN Corporation is able to provide only email support for end users.

Besides, if you would like to sell SonicDICOM as a reseller, please join the Reseller Program.
You can see the overview of our Reseller Program from following page.

Also, Application Form for Reseller Program can be downloaded from following page.

To join the Reseller Program, please fill in required information in the Application Form, and please send it to sonic@sonicdicom.com.
We will propose a price based on contents of the Application Form you filled in.
If you give us detailed information, it would be easy for us to propose good condition.

What is the limit of the Trial Edition?

The Trial Edition has limits of up to 30 studies and 5 accounts, but there is no limit other than that.
The Commercial Edition has no limit of study, but accounts are limited to 10.
To add more accounts to the Commercial Edition, it needs additional fee per 10 accounts.

How do I pay for SonicDICOM PACS?

Payments can be made via either PayPal or bank transfer.
The currency for payment is US dollar.
The procedure is as follows:

1) From the Downloads page, download the Order Form, fill in the necessary fields, and send it to us by email.
2) After confirming your order, we will issue an invoice and send it to you.
3) After receiving the invoice, please pay the amount indicated.
4) After completing your payment, visit the Downloads page and download a Request Form of Commercial License, fill in the necessary fields, and send it to us by email.
5) After confirming your payment, we will issue the license within two business days and send it to you.

If you use PayPal, please tell us the email address you are using on PayPal.
If you use bank transfer, the account information is as below:

59: BENEFICIARYA/C NO.145-91-0001514

Can we sell SonicDICOM PACS?

You can sell SonicDICOM PACS in your country and area by joining our Reseller Program.
First, download the Application Form for our Reseller Program, fill in the necessary information, and send it to us at sonic@sonicdicom.com.
We will suggest a price taking into consideration the many conditions entered into the Application Form.
We want to present the best terms possible, so if you fill out the form in more detail, it will be easier for us to make a good offer.

Please see the page below for an overview of our Reseller Program.

What kind of support can I get?

We not only respond to issue reports, questions, and requests, but also assist with installation and deal with trouble.
However, at the current point in time, we basically provide support only via email in order to maintain the quality of support.
You will usually receive a response by the following business day, but in case of a large number of inquiries, responses may be delayed.
At such times, responses to users who purchased Commercial Edition and Resellers will be prioritized.

We contact you promptly if you need a technical investigation.
Please rest assured because we will not kept you waiting long for answer.
Our business hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM (Japan time), and our holidays are based on the Japanese calendar and local custom.

If you need more courteous support except email, our Reseller can help you.
Purchasing through a Reseller will enable you to receive not only software, but also hardware, network, and various other types of support from a trustworthy Reseller well-versed in our products.
Also please do not hesitate to ask in case that you need Reseller support after purchasing.
We will inform immediately our Reseller if they are in your country or region.
Of course, we will also provide you with prioritized support through them.

Will SonicDICOM PACS work with my computer?

A server PC needs Windows OS which can operate Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1. to install SonicDICOM PACS.

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

HTML5-Based DICOM Viewer of SonicDICOM PACS needs only a modern browser such as Google Chrome、Mozilla Firefox、Microsoft Edge and others.
If there is an environment which can use web browser, you can access the DICOM Viewer from anywhere in the network.
A web browser does not need other software or not need to install additional plug-in at all.

Which modalities are supported by SonicDICOM PACS?

SonicDICOM PACS supports the following modalities.

  • Computed Radiography (CR)
  • Digital X-Ray (DX)
  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic Resonance (MR)
  • Positron Emission Tomography PET-CT (PT)
  • Mammography (MG)
  • Ultrasound (US)
  • Endoscope (ES)
  • X-Ray Angiographic (XA)
  • Radio Fluoroscopy (RF)
  • Nuclear Medicine (NM)
  • Radiation Therapy (RT)
  • Secondary Capture (SC)

SonicDICOM PACS can handle the following types of DICOM images.

  • Monochromatic (e.g. CR, CT, MR) and color (e.g. US, 3D reconstructions)
  • Static images (e.g. CR, CT, MG) and dynamic sequences (e.g. US, XA)
  • Uncompressed and compressed (RLE Lossless, JPEG Lossy, JPEG Lossless, JPEG 2000 Lossy, JPEG 2000 Lossless)

Please refer to the DICOM Conformance Statement for technical details.

Can I carry over the data from the PACS I am currently using to SonicDICOM PACS?

You can carry over existing data easily by using the importing function.
An importing function enables you to carry over your existing data easily to SonicDICOM PACS.
There are two methods to import DICOM files to SonicDICOM PACS.

1) Use an importing function of SonicDICOM Manager.
2) Log in to the DICOM Viewer of SonicDICOM PACS by using web browser, then drag DICOM files and drop them on Worklist screen.

In case that you have many files or a large total capacity of files, we recommend the method 1) which is using SonicDICOM Manager.

Can I connect the DICOM Viewer I am currently using to SonicDICOM PACS?

A DICOM Server of SonicDICOM PACS can connect to a third party DICOM Viewer.
However, this DICOM Viewer needs to be compliant with DICOM standard and needs to have Study Root Query/Retrieve or Patient Root Query/Retrieve.
Regarding technical details, please see DICOM Conformance Statement.

Regarding how to connect a DICOM Viewer to a DICOM Server of SonicDICOM PACS, please refer to To connect the DICOM viewer.

If it cannot connect well, please refer to FAQs below as well.

Can SonicDICOM PACS integrate with third party software such as EMR, HIS, RIS?

You can easily integrate SonicDICOM PACS with other software by using HTTP communications (URL) or DICOM communications.
To integrate it using HTTP communications (URL), please refer to our Specifications of Integration.
If you need to use DICOM communications, please refer to our DICOM Conformance Statement.

In case that you need to integrate it by other method except above methods, please let us know your requirements, specifications, budget, and so on.
If you could give us information in detail as possible, it would be great help.
We look forward to your contact.

Cannot view or import DICOM file correctly.

To solve this problem, it needs to analyze a DICOM file which has a problem.
First of all, please attach a DICOM file to email, or please upload the file to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other online storage service to share with us.
We will start an investigation once we receive a DICOM file, and solve the problem as soon as possible.
Our email address is sonic@sonicdicom.com.

Failed to communication between SonicDICOM PACS and modalities.

It is assumed that there are various causes in this case.
Causes would be in DICOM files, a DICOM communication, modalities, a network, and also SonicDICOM PACS.
First of all, please attach a DICOM file which cannot be sent and a log file of SonicDICOM PACS to email, or please upload them to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other online storage service to share with us.
A log file should have been created with a name as “status.log” in the directory which was specified with SonicDICOM Manager (Log Path).
We will start an investigation once we receive files, and solve the problem as soon as possible.
Our email address is sonic@sonicdicom.com.

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