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March 1, 2021

New Version 3.7.3 is released!

We are happy to inform you that SonicDICOM PACS New Version 3.7.3 is released!

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This‌ ‌update‌ ‌brings‌ ‌various‌ ‌‌improvements‌, ‌bug‌ ‌fixes, and so on!

# New features:
- VHS (Vertebral Heart Size) feature has been implemented: User Settings > Viewer > Toolbar

# Improvements:
- “Institution” has been added to the criteria of permissions to access studies at level of Institution:  Admin Settings > Account
- Placed Cloud Connector, DICOM Provider and DICOM User under Institution: Admin Settings > Server > Connection
- Changed the specification of the sort order of Study List so that sorting of Study Date and Time in descending order is automatically applied as necessary.
- On Advanced Search, search of Institution and Note is available.
- On Advanced Search, the selection method for Patient Sex and Report Status has been changed from select menu to checkbox.
- Images of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis have been supported.
- The speed of opening multi-frame images has been significantly accelerated.

# Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug that users cannot log in from the login form when the ID is two characters.
- Fixed a bug that temporary files are not deleted properly when backing up database files.

From this version, the specification has been changed to create a cache when saving multi-frame images.
This will significantly accelerate the speed of opening them, but be aware that a cache will increase the file size.
Also, a cache will be only created for newly saved ones.
To create a cache for existing multi-frame images, you need to import them again.

You can see Release Notes here as well:

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