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January 8, 2021

New Version 3.7.2 is released!

We are happy to inform you that SonicDICOM PACS New Version 3.7.2 is released!

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This update brings various new features, improvements and bug fixes including long-awaited ones!
Here we quote some of them.

# New features:
- Multi-Monitor feature has been implemented: Browser Settings > Multi-Monitor
- Auto-Delete feature has been implemented: Admin Settings > Server > Auto-Delete
- Password Strength for Accounts can be set : Admin Settings > General > Security
- Login Block is available: Admin Settings > General > Security
- On List page, exporting CSV file is available.
- On List page and Viewer page, it can open Report PDF directly.

# Improvements:
- Deletion History can be available: Admin Settings > Server > Recycle Bin > Deletion History
- Maximum number of Concurrent Connections for Import can be set: User Settings > List > General
- “Body Part Examined” has been added to the criteria of control viewing Study at level of Institution/Role: Admin Settings > Account

# Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug that sometimes Report PDF is not displayed properly.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes changing Favicon does not work correctly: Admin Settings > General > Option

# Others:
- Bulgarian language has been supported.

See more detailed Release Notes:

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