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March 7, 2024

New version 3.13.1 Released!

📣 Report functions have been improved!
1. You can set label names as you like, such as "TECHINIQUE".

Also, report fields can be customized as follows:
2. Changing the ordering
3. Selecting show/hide

Above settings can be made at: Admin Settings > Client > Report > Layout

📣 You can easily check the final report on Study list!
Just click/tap "Final" status on the study list, and it opens your finalized report.

📣 You can cancel importing/forwarding DICOM files!

For various other improvements, please refer to Release Notes: Version 3.13.1

🔸SonicDICOM PACS (V3.13.1)
Free Download:

🔸SonicDICOM PACS Cloud (V3.13.1)
Simply access your cloud PACS as usual!:

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Thank you for choosing our product for your projects or work. We hope you will enjoy it to the fullest!

SonicDICOM Team