Personalized Settings

Each user can make detailed settings to meet his or her own needs and pursue the best usability.
No matter which device you log in on, you can work as efficiently as always, with your usual ease of use.

Unique User Settings

Each account can have different user settings.
Simply log in on any device and your user settings will be available.
By this user settings, you can easily rearrange features and items as you like.
You can hide features that you don’t use, and place frequently used features in easy-to-use positions.

Also, the items displayed in Study List and Report, as well as the appearance of Viewer, can be very specifically configured and customized for your own use.
In addition, you can easily change the default values, the expected behavior of certain operations, and the features assigned to each mouse button.
Besides the above, the following settings are available.

- Create Window/Level Presets for each modality
- Create templates for typical phrases to be inserted in Reports
- Set up languages to be used in the UI

User settings can be initialized or applied to other accounts.