What is the license price?

Firstly, please let us know following your information by using Quote Request Form.

  • Company / Organization Name:
  • Company / Organization Full Address:
  • Company / Organization Main Phone Number:
  • Company / Organization Website:
  • Required number of Licenses:
  • Required number of Web Connections:
  • Required number of DICOM Connections:
  • Please describe purpose of use our product in detail as possible:

Web Connection means the number of users who can connect with Web Viewer at the same time.
DICOM Connection means the number of devices/software that can connect with our product by using DICOM communication. Such as Modalities (CR, CT, etc), third party’s DICOM Viewers, and so on.

If you would like to purchase our product through our Distributors, please describe about it.
By purchasing through our Distributors, they can provide you more suitable supports that meet your needs.