Since the foundation of Fujidenolo Solutions Co., Ltd in 2000, we have focused on the development of medical-use systems and the operation and management of data centers.

We first successfully created a system for medical use in the year 2003.
This was not a DICOM product, but was instead an endoscope filing system that utilizes JPEG images.
However, we were able to release our first DICOM PACS during the following year.
We established our own data center in 2008, and began providing a service allowing clients to externally store medical images.
We now have an increased variety of PACS products that are used in Japanese hospitals of various different scales.

Recently, we have also actively expanded our development into new fields outside of the medical industry, including smartphone apps and online services.

SonicDICOM was born as a result of those experiences.
This product and service is the culmination of 10 years of development at our company.

Fujidenolo Solutions Co., Ltd
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