How do I start Free Trial?

1. Sign up PACS Console.
2. You can sign up with either your email address or your Google account.
– If you use your email address, you will receive a confirmation email (subject: [SonicDICOM] Verify your email).
Click “Get Verified” in the email.
Log in to PACS Console by entering your email address and password.

– If you use your Google account, click “Sign Up with Google”.

3. After logging in to PACS Console, enter your profile.
4. Enter the information to create the PACS.

Name: A name to identify your PACS
Region: Select a region to host your PACS

Admin Settings
Country: Select your country
Time Zone: Select your time zone
Language: Select your default language
Date Format: Select the date format
Unit of Length: Select the length unit (mm/inch)

5. PACS is created and List page of your PACS will be displayed.

– Bookmarking the PACS URL can be helpful.
– After signing up, the administrator can also log in to PACS from this page:https://console.sonicpacs.com/app/login