How do I start a free trial?

1. Create an account to manage your Cloud PACS at PACS Console.
2. You can sign up with either your email address or your Google account.
If you use your email address, you will receive a confirmation email (subject: Welcome to SonicDICOM PACS Cloud).
Click “Confirm my account” in the email.
3. Enter your profile
4. Enter the information to create the PACS

Name: A name to identify your PACS
Region: Select a region to host your PACS

Admin Settings
Country: Select your country
Time Zone: Select your time zone
Language: Select your default language
Date Format: Select the date format
Unit of Length: Select the length unit (mm/inch)

Account (Default)
ID: The ID to log in to PACS
* Only alphanumeric characters and underscore are allowed.
* It must be at least 2 characters.

Password: The password to log in to PACS
* Alphanumeric characters and special characters are allowed.
* It must be at least 4 characters.

5. Your PACS will be created and PACS Console will appear.
6. Click “Go to PACS” then enter the ID and Password you registered on Step 4.
Then you can log in to your PACS.