Cannot view or import DICOM file correctly.

Regarding how to connect with modalities, please refer to: Documents > Install Manual > Connect To Modality

Still you cannot connect even if you set according to the above procedure, please check our product is the latest version.
If it is not, please update it to the latest version.
Problem may have been already solved.

If the latest version cannot solve it, please send us DICOM files of this modality and our product log file.
Once we receive your DICOM files and log file, we will start investigation.
Normally, log file is named as “status.log” in the directory that is specified by PACS Manager.

Please send DICOM files by using Email, uploading to cloud storage, postal, and so on.
And please make sure to delete personal information that included in DICOM files in advance.
In addition, the shipping cost and other cost will be paid by the customer.
We appreciate for your understanding.