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March 5, 2019

Development plan of 2019

Below is a brief description of the development plan of SonicDICOM PACS for 2019.
Please note that this is a current plan and is subject to change at any time.

The first quarter

Launch Cloud PACS
As announced on our website, we will launch the cloud PACS service soon.
In the first quarter, we will start providing it as beta that has only free plan.
After that we will add paid plan within a few months and officially start the service.

For the start of this service, we are adding some features to SonicDICOM PACS.

Auto-delete study
Study can be deleted automatically based on the capacity of disk, study date, and the number of study.
If the cloud PACS is used for temporary sharing of study, it is expected that study will be deleted automatically after a certain period of time.
By automatically deleting study, the service can be used with less disk capacity at a lower price.

Viewing control of study
You can control the study that each account can view by setting conditions.
For example, it enables the account to view only study of CT modality, and so on.
Currently, control based on the following conditions is planned to be available.

  • Modality
  • AE Title
  • Institution Name
  • Report Status

Viewing permission of study
You can permit an account to view the specific study.
Viewing of study can be permitted at study level, or patient level.
Also in the future, guest users who do not have an account will also be permitted to view study.

After the second quarter

From the second quarter onward, the main theme is “Improving service quality of cloud PACS” and “Enhancing integrationality with third party’s products”.
As for “Improving service quality of cloud PACS”, we will make improvements from time to time based on reactions after the launch and feedback received.
As for “Enhancing integrationality with third party’s products”, we will implement the following features sequentially.

  • DICOM Query/Retrieve SCU
  • DICOM Print (film print)
  • Paper Print
  • Disc duplicator (disc publisher) support
  • Modality Worklist Management (MWM)

By implementing DICOM Query/Retrieve, it becomes possible to retrieve data in such as third party’s PACS and view it on our web-based DICOM viewer.
It is also possible to write retrieved data to CD/DVD using disc duplicator and others.

The current demand for DICOM Print in North America, Europe and Japan is almost none.
However, in South America and Asia, it is often a mandatory requirement of PACS. So we decided to prioritize its implementation.

For disc duplicator, we will support EPSON PP-100II at first.
PP-50II will be also supported.
We are considering whether to support other manufacturer’s disc duplicator.

The demand for Modality Worklist Management (MWM) is high in distributors especially from Asia and EU countries.
Because this feature was promised with them for a long time, it will be implemented preferentially.

Besides the above, we received a lots of other requests.
Among them, we plan to prioritize implementation of the following features.

  • Multi-monitor support
  • Add comments to Study
  • Report: key image
  • Report: display institution information and logo
  • Statistics (The number of scanned images per month or per modality and its volume)

The highly demanded feature of compressing DICOM file is also planned to work on after the second quarter.
The development plan will be reviewed sequentially based on opinions and requests received.
If you have any requests and unclear points, please let us know without hesitation.