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JIUN Corporation (hereinafter ‘JIUN’) provides various services, primarily around planning and development of systems using medical images (X-rays, etc.) and other information relating to in-hospital diagnosis. We at JIUN understand that appropriately handling and protecting personal information collected from all customers, including businesses with which we have business, is an important social responsibility, which is also fundamental to corporate activities. Based on this understanding, we have set forth the following privacy policy, with which our employees have been familiarized. We are committed to contribute to society through corporate activities emphasizing the importance of appropriate personal information protection and legal compliance.

1. Obtaining and using personal information

JIUN will obtain personal information in an appropriate manner, with the purpose of usage thereof clarified, taking into consideration the business operations and corporate scale of JIUN. We will appropriately use the personal information we have collected, only within the range of the purpose thereof, and will never use this personal information for other purposes, or disclose the personal information to a third party with the exception of cases with legal basis.

2. Legal compliance

JIUN will clarify and comply with laws relating to protection of personal information, Japanese government-issued guidelines, and other rules.

3. Management and protection of personal information

JIUN will strive to strictly manage customer personal information, prevent unauthorized access to personal information and leakage of personal information, counter risks of loss or damage, and to further improve prevention. We will periodically train employees, manage entry/exit to rooms and buildings, and strive to protect all information assets including personal information.

4.Response to complaints and inquiries

JIUN will appropriately and speedily respond to inquires and complaints regarding personal information, based on rules such as the Private Information Protection Law.

5. Continuous improvement of personal information protection management structure and framework

JIUN will implement corporate-wide efforts to continuously improve internal rules and implementation thereof under our personal information protection management structure.

JIUN Corporation
Representing executive : Fumitaka Kanda

About handling personal information

JIUN Corporation handles personal information by lawful and fair means as described below.

1. Purpose of using personal information

(1) For software development, and server operation and management.
(2) To provide services related to transactions with customers.
(3) For employment of employees and labor management.

2. Providing personal information to third parties

JIUN will not provide personal information of any person to a third party without the prior consent of said person, with the exception of cases with legal basis. Those providing information of another person to JIUN should do so upon having obtained consent of said person.

3. Using and managing personal information

(1) JIUN will strive to maintain the contents of collected personal information so as to be accurate and up-to-date, and will employ organizational, human, physical, and technological safety management means to manage and protect collected personal information by appropriate methods, so as to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information, and to achieve all other forms of safe management of personal information.

(2) JIUN may not be able to allow customers who do not provide personal information (company name, name of representative, etc.) to use the system development and server operation management business provided by JIUN.

(3) If there is insufficient, incorrect, or fraudulent information in the personal information collected by JIUN, the person providing said information may not be able to receive services from JIUN or may be excluded from consideration for employment.

(4) JIUN may share and use the collected personal information with the following company.
Fujidenolo CO., LTD.
Personal information to be shared and used: address, name, E-mail address, Telephone number
Fujidenolo CO., LTD. Management Department
Phone: JAPAN +81-568-74-1757

4. Disclosure/correction/usage termination/deletion of personal information

If a person indicates desire to disclose/correct/terminate usage or the like of personal information of said person, JIUN will faithfully handle this request unless under special circumstances. After procedures to disclose/correct/terminate usage or the like of personal information, the personal information collected for personal identification will be shredded and disposed in accordance with JIUN’s safety management measures.

5. Internet usage

Regarding collection of personal information from website, our website uses SSL technology to encrypt and transmit personal information securely. In addition, in this website, we take statistics of our website using Google Analytics of Google, Inc. and HubSpot of HubSpot Japan KK in order to improve services. The analysis may be performed through the text file "Cookie" generated along with this, for this case, part of user information such as IP address may be collected by Google, Inc. and HubSpot Japan KK. We use this information only for website usage analysis, reporting to website operator, and providing other services. By using this site, users are deemed to have given permission for such data processing performed by Google, Inc. and HubSpot Japan KK in the manner and purpose described above.
In addition, when personal information is provided via the Internet (E-mail), please be aware that secure communication is not secured before sending it.

* Furthermore, it is possible to reject "Cookie" by user's browser operation. However, for this case, some of the functions of this website may not be available.

6. Consultation/inquiry services

Please contact the following with inquiries or comments on our handling of personal information.

Consultation/inquiry services for protection of personal information

In charge of personal information protection for JIUN corporation: Yukihiro Nagao
Phone: JAPAN +81-92-626-7002 (Weekdays 10:00 to 17:00)


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