What is the price?

What is the price?

We propose a price according to various situations.
So, please let us know your information below by using Contact Form.

  • Company / Organization Name
  • Company / Organization Full Address
  • Company / Organization Main Phone Number
  • Company / Organization Website (if available)
  • Required number of Accounts
  • Required number of Licenses
  • Purpose of Using SonicDICOM (short description about SonicDICOM would be used how, where, and what for)

If you would like to purchase SonicDICOM through our reseller, please tell it to us as well.
Purchasing through our reseller will enable you to receive various types of support.
JIUN Corporation is able to provide only email support for end users.

Besides, if you would like to sell SonicDICOM as a reseller, please join the Reseller Program.
You can see the overview of our Reseller Program from following page.

Also, Application Form for Reseller Program can be downloaded from following page.

To join the Reseller Program, please fill in required information in the Application Form, and please send it to sonic@sonicdicom.com.
We will propose a price based on contents of the Application Form you filled in.
If you give us detailed information, it would be easy for us to propose good condition.