Release Notes

Version 2.0.0 Released

We have released SonicDICOM 2.0.0. Since being released in 2013 SonicDICOM is being used in over 200 countries around the world. In response to numerous feature requests from worldwide users, the company invested a year of development time into the product in order to improve its interface and build new features. This latest upgrade represents the first large-scale upgrade in SonicDICOM’s history. Performance in this latest version was further accelerated over the existing version while over 50 new features were added. In order to also address specific individual needs, the company also offers individually customized and OEM software.


Major improvements in the latest version upgrade
1. Dramatic improvement in the display speed of images being studied
Support has been added for CPU multi-core image processing, which drastically reduces the time needed to display or manipulate images. Even larger images (e.g. mammography, multi-frame) can be displayed or manipulated with much more fluidity.

2. Improved user interface
With utmost emphasis placed on not compromising the simplicity of the UI, the company has succeeded in adding a multitude of new features while achieving an even more intuitive interface.

3. Over 50 new features added
Over 50 new features have been added to respond to the many feature requests made by users. For more information, please see the product website at

Trial edition
A trial edition can be downloaded from the following site:

* The trial edition is limited to 30 studies and 5 creatable accounts.

We will quote you a price for SonicDICOM at our discretion.

If you wish to be a reseller for SonicDICOM, please join our reseller program.

If you are staff at a hospital, please specify your country and area and ask us via our Contact Form.

Future plans
• Add simple report creation features
• Add MIP/MPR features

For more information, please see the product website at

For resellers
We are looking for resellers in different countries around the world.
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